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Project Description

In many cases, when the surface treatment of electroplating or baking paint (spray-painting) for general steel materials is not very appropriate, compact and dense oxide films of stainless steel containing chromium become very important. Many kinds of stainless steel have been developed to resist different corrosive environment and adapt to different working conditions so as to ensure the safety and durability of the work equipment.

Compared to other metallic materials, stainless steel has a better anti-corrosion capability than galvanized steel, it is more resistant to oxidation than copper and more robust than aluminum. Stainless steel is recyclable environmentally friendly materials and it can be made into new products when it is crushed and melted.

  • Stainless steel wires are widely used in food, clothing, housing, shelter and transportation, such as appliances for the kitchen, watches, springs used in household items, home DIY tools, umbrella skeletons…and so on.
  • In industrial products, stainless steel wires are used as important components, such as in a variety of screws, all kinds of wire rope, all kinds of filtration equipment and components of cars and motorcycles.
  • In the application of biochemical technology and precision electronics industries, higher-leveled stainless steel wires have been developing.
  • If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact with us and tell us the following information:
    1. Stainless steel type (304、302、316、301、631、302HQ…..etc)
    2. Diameter(0.2MM-10MM)
    3. Tensile strength (kgf/mm2 or n/mm2)
    4. surface(Soap-coated wire、Nickel-Coated wire、Bright-Coated wire)