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Project Description

In the market of metal wire / bar, as far as the cross-section (profile) of metal material is concerned, it is usually limited to round or simple shapes such as square, hexagon, and flat. However, more complicated shapes are always required in actual industrial application, because the design of component parts tends
to be more high-precision, lighter, smaller, and more delicate. These varieties of profile metal wire / bar are made for special industrial applications, and we refer to them as “Metal Shaped Wire / Bar” except round.

Metal shaped wires / bars (also known as solid profiles) are wires / bars with cross-sections (profile) that are manufactured specifically to the users’ required shapes. Commonly round, these materials can be formed into many different shapes, from the simple squares, rectangles and hexagons to highly complex and non-symmetrical shapes according to users’ needs.

uses special cassette roller dies to form required metal material taking advantage of metal plasticity at normal temperature. Satisfactory processing achieves an accurate shape, a smooth clean surface, and consistent measurement.

Torsion Spring / Lancet Blood Glucose Tester) / Acupuncture needle /Well Screen, /Clamp, Square Wire Spring, /Machinery Part,

Grade:stainless steel 300 series 、 stainless steel 400 series 、carbon steel
Diameter:According to customers’ requirements
Surface:soap-coated wire , nickel-coated wire , soap-spool wire, nickel-spool wire

Packing:coil wire or spool wire
Strength: According to customer requirements
Standard:JIS or ASTM Standard . We can also produce products according to the standard requested by our customers.

For Parts of Knitting
Machine in Textile
Industry use
For Medical Instrument
and Surgical Implant use
For One-Way Clutch and
Light-Loaded Bearing use
For Wedge Wire & Support
Rod of Screen / Filter and
Environmental Equipment
Generally Applied Standardized Product (Common Shape /Profile: Square, Hexagon, Rectangle…)